How to Join

At this time membership in the Cambridge Running Club is closed. We limit our membership numbers in order to maintain a friendly and highly-personable environment. A smaller running club allows our members to work one-on-one with our coach, to host long runs from each other’s houses, and to workout on the track as one team.  If you are interested in joining, please keep reading for more information on our team and what to expect by joining us.

CRC aims to attract a variety of runners to our club while maintaining an environment focused on developing our members’ running goals. A normal run for many of our members would average a pace that is 6-9 minutes per mile for distances ranging from 8-20 miles. Our track workouts are slightly more intense and are meant to develop speed and strength to keep our members in racing form.

The process for joining CRC typically goes as follows:

  • If your running goals align with the sort of training described above, we’d love to have you give us a try. To express interest, email join(at) (Member Services). This is a good way of making first contact and introducing yourself. Also, if you have any general questions about the club or joining, this is a great place to start.
  • Next, to determine if CRC is the club for you, we suggest coming to a few of our practices. This gives you a chance to run with the group, meet the CRC Coach, mingle with the officers and other members, and get a sense of the club atmosphere.
  • Before coming, you must indicate to Member Services what evenings you will be attending, so the officers can be prepared to greet you. Also, this allows us the chance to let you know of any special circumstances (other events, changes in schedule, etc) that might be happening that would hamper your attendance. Email join(at) to let them know!
  • Once you have attended a time or two, gotten a feel for the club, and decided to join, you can sign up to be a member. Dues are $120 a year ($75 if you are a student) and can be paid via a secure protected online ordering system. Once you have reached this point, contact join(at) to find out how to proceed/pay.
  • After becoming a member, you will be added to the online member directory (within the Members Only section of the website) and included on the club’s mailing list.

If you have any questions regarding the club or this process, please contact Member Services – join(at)