SRR Virtual 26 x 1


2020 Virtual 26×1 Relay Race Report

(Hosted by Somerville Road Runners)

Date: between Monday, 6/8/20 @ 12:00 am EDT and Sunday, 6/14/20 @ 11:59 pm EDT

Location: Anywhere

Each year in the month of June it is a tradition for Boston area running clubs to assemble at the track for one of the more interesting competitions you’ll see in distance running.  The 26×1 relay asks local running clubs to assemble 26 person co-ed teams, in which each member runs 1 mile on the track.  Each team member runs 4 laps and then hands off the baton to the next team member.  In the end, each club will have collectively run a marathon.  This year of course the event was transformed into a virtual competition.  Alas, this did not stop CRC from answering the challenge and putting their best effort forward.  Thank you to everyone that participated in this fun event, and for those of you that sent along feedback from your experience.  I have taken excerpts from everyone’s feedback below (there’s a lot so I had to pare it down some!).  Following the feedback you will find the overall team results, as well as individual results for all 38 CRC members that participated.  I won’t completely ruin the suspense, but CRC kicked some major butt.  Go CRC!

The fast trio of Wes Brendan & Kyle ran their time trial together at Harvard.  Wes shared: “As we were about to start, we ran into Matt Baron, so we convinced him to rabbit the first 400m. Well Matt went out at about a 32s 200m dragging Brendan along for a sub 70s first 400m. Luckily Brendan was able to recover and still run well.” 

Kyle and Brendan both ran PR’s and were thankful to have others to push them during the race.  Brendan adds: “This is not my 1st mile, but a big PR.  Weirdly enough, this corona season has had me hit a PR in every distance I’ve done virtually.”

Leif and Patrick ran together for some impressive times as well, and Leif noted how running together at Harvard makes him really miss weekly track gatherings with CRC.

Kasturi managed to notch a huge PR in the mile by 21 seconds!  She attributes much of this gain to the training plan shared by Coach Scott.  She also gave a shout out to Shoko, who ran her mile just 3 days after a virtual ironman, where she was the 6th fastest female in her age group.  Congrats Kasturi and Shoko!

Sarah Martin managed to run a 4 second PR.  She shared: “I am definitely the slow and steady type but I always appreciate that CRC makes me push outside my comfort zone. Looking forward to continuing to improve my times. :)”

Sarah Soltau ran 7:00.58 on the roads on Saturday and then 6:48.3 on track on the Sunday, good enough for two big PR’s in 24 hours!  She shared: “it was great to have something to train for during these weird quarantine times and honestly might like to train for some kind of speedwork more often!”


Charles clocked in with a huge 30 second PR!  He shared that he was “happy to see others CRCers at the Harvard track while doing it (Heather, Antoine, Zach, Austin, Masaya, Shoko).  First time that I see (with social distance) so many CRCs since the outbreak.” 

Jen ran her fastest mile since turning 30!  She shares: “My dad timed me and yelled out splits while my mom cheered and filmed it on my phone (and could not figure out if it was actually recording or not). They even recorded a little post-race interview.  My father was on the Brandeis track and XC teams, so it was a trip down memory lane for him.  Even though I could not be with my CRC teammates, it was fun for my parents to cheer me on in a race for the first time since the 2011 NYC Marathon. “

Nathan Smith ran a 5:34 which was his fastest time since high school!

Zach Chapasko and Masaya ran together.  Masaya managed to etch a lifetime PR! Zach ran a smoking 4:55 for a post high school PR and “fastest mile without spikes.” While his mile was impressive, there was a contingency: “I promised my roommates that if I broke 5:00 I would run a beer mile afterwards. At 9:55am I downed the first beer in a personally impressive time of 1:19. The first quarter was smooth as well at 1:32, but the wheels fell off soon after. Final time was 34:33, which I allowed to shamefully remain in my Strava activities as “World’s Saddest Beer Mile”. The running portion was 6:20, the drinking portion was an abysmal 28:13. I know which area requires more practice!”

Well done and well said CRC!  Given the lack of crowd support and competition, everyone’s times are truly remarkable.  CRC’s 26 member team came in an impressive 6th place out of 34 complete teams and missed a top 5 ranking by only 20 seconds!  Team results and individual results can be found below.

Congrats again on an impressive team effort!

-Brian and Masaya


  1. 2:19:34 HFC Striders – Team #1
  2. 2:20:08 The Heartbreakers – Team #1
  3. 2:22:42 Somerville Road Runners – Team #1
  4. 2:23:47 Greater Boston Track Club
  5. 2:25:29 Wicked Running Club – Team #1
  6. 2:25:49 Cambridge Running Club – Team #1
  7. 2:26:36 Greater Lowell Road Runners – Team #1
  8. 2:29:05 Upper Cape Athletic Club A Team – Team #1
  9. 2:35:45 Tri-Valley Front Runners (TVFR) – Team #1
  10. 2:42:43 Kier Byrnes Freedom Runners – Team #1
  11. 2:43:38 Wicked Running Club – Team #2
  12. 2:44:15 Brighton Bangers – Team #1
  13. 2:44:58 Boston River Rats – Team #1
  14. 2:45:40 Somerville Road Runners – Team #2
  15. 2:46:53 Greater Lowell Road Runners – Team #2
  16. 2:51:44 Jamaica Pond parkrunners limited international ^TM
  17. 2:54:32 Parkway Running Club – Team #1
  18. 2:55:20 Shenanigans
  19. 2:57:14 Northeast Multisport
  20. 2:59:02 Community Running – Team #1
  21. 3:00:08 North Shore Striders – Team #1
  22. 3:00:27 Informal Racing
  23. 3:03:10 Liberty Athletic Club – Team #1
  24. 3:05:22 Greater Framingham Running Club – Team #1
  25. 3:07:18 Greater Lowell Road Runners – Team #3
  26. 3:09:19 Wicked Running Club – Team #3
  27. 3:13:47 STR Runners – Team #1
  28. 3:14:43 Back on My Feet
  29. 3:16:12 RC Malden
  30. 3:23:16 Sole Sisters Running Club – Team #1
  31. 3:33:45 Greater Lowell Road Runners – Team #4
  32. 3:35:26 Boston Road Runners
  33. 4:00:58 Wicked Running Club – Team #4
  34. 4:24:47 North Shore Striders – Team #2

Cambridge Running Club – Team #1 2:25:49
5:59 F 26 Kasturi Shah
6:02 F 35 Jennifer Caban
6:07 F 27 Shoko Okabe
6:07 F 30 Ariel Schwartz
6:12 F 31 Eliza Kano-Bower
6:13 F 30 Joann Lee
6:34 F 27 Lauren Krouskoff
6:45 F 30 Stephanie Habura
6:46 F 31 Heather MacLeod
6:48 F 35 Sarah Soltau
4:39 M 27 Brendan Peltier
4:48 M 25 Matthew Pennock
4:52 M 29 Kyle Coffee
4:52 M 33 Leif Anderson
4:53 M 28 Wesley Mather
4:55 M 25 Zachary Chapasko
5:05 M 27 Masaya Ando
5:09 M 30 Patrick Jagielski
5:10 M 31 Brian Boudreau
5:11 M 33 Andrew Miller
5:13 M 35 Charles-Henri Hydrio
5:18 M 26 Seth Bryant
5:29 M 27 Austin Mancenido
5:32 M 40 Peng Sun
5:34 M 32 Nathan Smith
5:36 M 26 Nathan Bryant

Cambridge Running Club – Team #2 [12 legs in 1:18:11] 5:38 M 54 Mark Tebbe
5:44 M 38 Erik Edgar
5:50 M 24 Joseph Sweeney
6:07 M 26 David Nguyen
6:13 M 31 Randy Kring
6:19 M 28 Thomas Salvon
6:20 M 27 Bryan Cosca
6:23 M 40 Jose Naveo
7:14 M 42 Sriram Krishnan
7:27 F 32 Sarah Martin
7:28 F 29 Samantha Swift
7:28 M 34 Tyler Silverman

Full results are located here: .

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