CRC May Virtual 5K


CRC May Virtual 5K Race Report
(Strava’s May 5K Challenge)
Location: Anywhere
For the second consecutive month, CRC organized a virtual 5K club race through Strava that brought out CRC racers from near and far (i.e., Texas; shout-outs to Matt Pennock and Sarah Martin). The hot and humid conditions offered a new challenge compared to April’s virtual race, but the results nonetheless included some solid efforts and even a few PRs.
Leif Anderson led the way with a 14:34 PR (assisted by a generous 973-ft. course elevation drop; Wes Mather has issued a formal protest in response). April Virtual 5K race organizer Shoko Okabe ran a PR despite a “conservative start” and, more notably, a bit too much pre-race pasta. Carbo-loading is indeed a double-edged sword.
Kasturi Shah ran an impressive race only one week after competing in a virtual 24-hour marathon (running one mile every hour until reaching 26.2 miles). David Fisher ran his first club virtual race and noted how it was energizing and a great way to stay more connected to the club. Congrats to all and way to keep up the hard work as social distancing continues.
Reminder that the SRR 26×1 race window is now open–and it’s not too late to sign up if you haven’t already! See Masaya and Brian’s emails from Sunday and yesterday, respectively, for the info. (There will be no club-organized virtual 5K in June.)
On behalf of the CRC Race Committee,
Kyle & Shoko
Name Time Pace Notes
Leif Anderson 14:34 4:38/mi PR
Matt Pennock 16:58 5:25/mi
Brendan Peltier 17:03 5:29/mi
Kyle Coffee 17:05 5:29/mi
Wesley Mather 17:25 5:33/mi
Scott Tan 18:00 5:45/mi
Peng Sun 18:37 5:59/mi
Masaya Ando 18:43 5:59/mi
Shoko Okabe 21:06 6:47/mi PR
Kasturi Shah 21:38 6:56/mi  
David Fisher 21:40 6:58/mi
Jen Caban 22:01 7:03/mi
Sarah Soltau 24:25 7:50/mi
Kun Song 24:28 7:51/mi
Steph Habura 24:33 7:54/mi
Joann Lee 25:19 7:55/mi
David Nguyen 26:04 8:23/mi
Sarah Martin 29:43 9:17/mi

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