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CRC July Virtual 5K Race Report
Location: Anywhere
Despite a month of high temps and even higher humidity, we saw record participation in the CRC Virtual 5K Race Series.  27 CRCers took on the challenge, including 10 first time Virtual 5K race participants. Among them was Sam Swift who noted that while she did not run a PR, she was happy to feel like a part of CRC again!
This month’s race in particular revealed the toughness and determination of CRCers. Kristen Glennie ran the top female time of 20:17 after spending 126 days thru-hiking 2,193 miles on the Appalachian Trail. Charles-Henri Hydrio ran a new 5K PR of 18:25 after clocking a 5K PR during the Virtual 5K in April and a mile PR during the Virtual SRR 26×1 in June.
Brendan Peltier, Kyle Coffee, and Wes Mather decided that a good way to start out their Fourth of July was with a 5K time trial on the track. Wes gave a shout-out to Brendan for posting a monster PR of 15:46 while lapping Wes in the process (photographic evidence available). Kyle also clocked a speedy PR of 16:24 and gave a shout-out to the socially distant cheer squad consisting of Kun, Sarah, Steph, Shoko, and Masaya.
When talking about toughness, we cannot forget about our masters runners. John Hadcock continues to impress with a top 10 time of 19:28 at 62 years of age. Jose Naveo made two attempts at the 5K with his initial attempt being 24:15.  With 4 hours left until the race window closed, Jose decided to make a second attempt despite spraining his ankle the weekend prior. He managed to improve his time to 23:36 with his ankle feeling great! Sriram also ran a strong time of 27:16. While he noted it was not a PR, he surprised himself with the pace he was able to keep up despite the heat and humidity.
Congrats to everyone who participated this month! We know virtual races aren’t easy, but we are continually impressed by all of your efforts. Full results can be found below and also here. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the dual meet against Brighton Bangers for the month of August! Check Kyle’s email and the race page for details. Stay safe and stay hydrated!
On Behalf of the Race Committee,
Shoko and Kyle
1 Brendan Peltier M 15:46 5:04 PR
2 Kyle Coffee M 16:24 5:17 PR
3 David Kennedy M 17:00 5:28
4 Wesley Mather M 17:05 5:30
5 Michael Hanley M 18:20 5:54
6 Charles-Henri Hydrio M 18:25 5:56 PR
7 Masaya Ando M 18:48 6:03
8 Seth Bryant M 18:54 6:05
9 Austin Mancenido M 19:00 6:07
10 John Hadcock M 19:28 6:16
11 Nathan Smith M 19:45 6:21
12 Andrew Avitabile M 19:57 6:25
13 Samuel Markson M 20:17 6:32
14 Kristen Glennie F 20:17 6:32
15 Alexander McQuown M 21:07 6:48
16 Shoko Okabe F 21:09 6:48
17 Jennifer Caban F 21:26 6:54
18 Stephanie Habura F 22:53 7:22
19 Lauren Krouskoff F 23:06 7:26
20 Jose Naveo M 23:36 7:36
21 Bryan Cosca M 23:52 7:41
22 Mary Beth Spang F 24:32 7:54
23 Sarah Soltau F 25:19 8:09
24 Samantha Swift F 26:35 8:33
25 Heather MacLeod F 26:40 8:35
26 Sriram Krishnan M 27:16 8:47
27 Adam Meltzer M 30:40 9:52

Full results are located here: .

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