CRC End of 2020 Virtual 5K


CRC End of 2020 Virtual 5K Race Report
Date: November 26 – December 31, 2020
Location: Anywhere, USA
From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, we held the CRC End of 2020 Virtual 5K to finish the year strong. With 23 CRCers submitting times, we had the second most participants in the virtual 5K race series so far, including many first-time virtual race participants. Despite the cold and dwindling hours of daylight (and the dwindling levels of motivation that can come along with it), Lauren Krouskoff managed to clock an all-time best 5K time of 20:55! Dave Sandham also ran a track 5K PR of 20:44 after running a track 4.6K PR of 19:51 three days prior due to a lap miscount. Way to come back and run an even faster pace on the second attempt! This month’s member spotlight, Jen Caban, ran an impressive time of 19:49, making her the first female to run a sub-20 so far this race series.
But as we all know, racing can be about much more than PRs. Sarah Soltau decided to get her baby into racing early by running a strong time of 28:29 while 27 weeks pregnant. Sarah gave a shout-out to husband and fellow CRCer, Kun Song, for pacing her through the 12.5 laps around the track to make this possible! Fabio Schiantarelli, one of our oldest masters runners at age 70 and long-time CRCer (joined 1993 according to the website), was one of the many first-time virtual 5K participants this race. Despite reporting that he ran a “PW (personal worst)”, he remained optimistic: “I had my PW which puts me in an ideal position to do better in 2021!” While many of us can relate that we haven’t been running our best times, hopefully we can use Fabio’s positive mentality to help us to continue pushing and growing as runners through 2021 and beyond! But as we closed out an unusual year, John Hadcock expressed a sentiment that I’m sure many of us share: “I’m ready to run a real race again!” Hopefully, in-person races will come again sooner than later! Until then, we hope you’re all staying safe and doing well.
Congratulations to everyone who participated in the final virtual 5K of the year! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and had a great new year. Keep running hard! Full race results are posted below.
On Behalf of the Race Committee,
Shoko and Kyle
Place First Name Last Name Gender Clock Time  PR
1 Matthew Pennock M 16:43  
2 Brendan Peltier M 16:46  
3 Kyle Coffee M 16:58  
4 Wesley Mather M 17:20  
5 Charles-Henri Hydrio M 18:08  
6 Masaya Ando M 18:39  
7 John Hadcock M 19:20  
8 Jennifer Caban F 19:49  
9 Peng Sun M 19:50  
10 Alexander McQuown M 20:05  
11 Dominic Harkness M 20:40  
12 David Sandham M 20:44  Track PR
13 Lauren Krouskoff F 20:55 PR
14 Kristen Glennie F 21:29  
15 Diana Liang F 22:15  
16 Shoko Okabe F 22:36  
17 Sarah Gabriel F 23:10  
18 Lauren Watkins F 25:30  
19 Heather MacLeod F 26:07  
20 Sarah Soltau F 28:29  
21 Bryan Cosca M 29:22  
22 Sriram Krishnan M 29:23  
23 Fabio Schiantarelli M 30:09  

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