2019 Cape Cod Marathon Weekend

2019 Cape Cod Marathon Weekend


Falmouth, MA

Weather: Sunny & wind gusts (~10 mph), 54F /Sunday: Scattered Showers & wind gusts (~25mph), 53F

During the last weekend of October, 25+ CRCers made their way down to Falmouth to participate in the marathon weekend! Bright & early on sunny Saturday, CRCers racing the half marathon enjoyed Falmouth’s coastal views, enthusiastic spectators and delicious soup & apple cider donuts post race. Sarah Soltau had a ~2 minute half marathon PR in her second race back from injury!

Not quite as bright and or as early on Sunday, CRCers racing the marathon and marathon relay had to battle the wind and rain along the Falmouth coast. Despite the weather, several CRCers had a PR (including a 3 minute PR for Alex McQuown and a 14 minute PR for Sriram Krishnan) and Tyler Silverman ran the entire marathon without a shirt (despite having two singlets available to him). Alex Solimano completed her experiment of racing the half marathon on Saturday and running the longest leg of the relay on Sunday two weeks out from Chicago Marathon (“Double the t-shirts, double the medals, double the fun”). Another race highlight is the third place woman was disqualified and apparently did not even attend the race….quite fishy (click to read more!). And our very own Sara Vayrynen finished fourth female overall (third female overall for USATF) at Cape Cod Marathon

Overall, the women’s USATF team finished second and the men’s open USATF team finished seventh for the marathon! This led Cambridge Running Club to an overall standing of 6th place for men and 7th place for women for the Grand Prix (more details from the Race Committee to follow later). Congratulations to everyone who participated this weekend and thank you to our enthusiastic CRC cheer squad!!

Full results are located here: https://my.racewire.com/results/35898.

Event ▲▼ Runner ▲▼ Time ▲▼ Place ▲▼ Division ▲▼ Division Place ▲▼
Half Marathon Anurag Limdi 1:26:10 23 M20-29 7
Half Marathon Alexandra Solimano 1:52:13 356 F30-39 44
Half Marathon Hans Gould 2:00:00 625 M40-49 71
Half Marathon Jessica (Jessie) Shor 1:56:04 483 F20-29 86
Half Marathon Kelsey Porter 1:54:23 426 F20-29 72
Half Marathon Meghan Weaver 1:32:49 60 F30-39 8
Half Marathon Stephanie Habura 1:43:36 178 F20-29 23
Half Marathon Sarah Soltau 1:53:11 383 F30-39 52
Half Marathon Samantha Swift 2:08:06 822 F20-29 161
Half Marathon Zoe Reinus 1:43:21 172 F20-29 22
Relay (Licensed to Krill - Wes Mather, Ariel Schwartz, Sarah Gabriel, Brian Boudreau) Alexandra Solimano 3:07:11 6 COED 2
Relay (Cambridge Running Club - Seth Bryant) Masaya Ando 2:52:28 2 Male 2
Marathon Alex McQuown 2:57:11 49 M20-29 13
Marathon Kyle Coffee 2:49:15 36 M20-29 10
Marathon Kristen Glennie 3:22:53 129 F20-29 10
Marathon Kun Song 3:07:46 69 M40-49 11
Marathon Santosh Karmacharya 3:16:01 99 M40-49 19
Marathon Sriram Krishnan 4:49:48 680 M40-49 95
Marathon Shoko Okabe 3:36:37 189 F20-29 15
Marathon Sara Vaeyrynen 2:57:04 47 F30-39 2
Marathon Tyler Silverman 3:13:15 89 M30-39 34