2019 Westfield 5K Race Report

Westfield 5K


Westfield, MA

Weather: 77F and Sunny

Both a new race to CRC and the USATF Race Series, the Run Westfield Flat Fast 5K proved popular and… fast! The race didn’t kick off till 1 PM meaning no waking up at the crack of dawn and the course was a point-to-point, downhill course. The weather cooperated (if maybe a bit too dry) for the Saturday race, leading to a great day for CRC.

Repeatedly billed as America’s fastest 5K, Westfield delivered. Cassie Short had a huge PR (by about 1:30) crossing the line at 18:31, leading the women’s team. There were 5+ PR’s on the day meaning over 20% of CRC’s field PR’d! Dom Harkness was even able to PRepeat on his 5K time. On the men’s side, Leif Anderson had a great first CRC performance with a time of 15:46. Overall both teams did very well in USATF: Men scored 6th overall and women 7th. This now places the CRC teams 7th and 6th in the USATF Race Series respectively. Impressive!

Following the race, the tiny town of Westfield shutdown the main strip to put on a block party for all racers, spectators, and residents featuring food, drinks, and live music. And not only was Westfield celebrating the race it was also their 350th Anniversary, complete with a 6 foot tall replica cake!

In closing, I believe Sam Swift summarizes the Westfield 5K best, “it’s a bit of a drive for a 5K but it’s not super crowded, the beers are cheap, and the whole town comes out to enjoy it.” Well put Sam.

Full results are located here: https://my.racewire.com/results/35732.

Event ▲▼ Runner ▲▼ Time ▲▼ Place ▲▼ Division ▲▼ Division Place ▲▼
Alexandra Solimano 25:36
Brian Boudreau 17:05
Dominic Harkness 20:26
Jose Naveo 23:42
Karyn Benson 20:27
Kelsey Porter 21:21
Kyi-Sin Than 21:48
Leif Anderson 15:46
Matt Pennock 16:04
Meghan Weaver 20:22
Nat Voss 21:41
Patrick Jagielski 17:19
Sarah Martin 25:23
Sriram Krishnan 26:37
Samantha Swift 24:11
Wesley Mather 16:25
Will Odam 26:53