2019 Super Sunday Race Report

Super Sunday


Cambridge, MA

Weather: 39F and Mostly Cloudy

Once again CRC brought a large team and a lot of energy to Super Sunday. Between the 5 miler and the 5K, CRC fielded 64 runners (58 and 6 respectively) earning the club the distinction of largest team. Beating out November Project for the honor, CRC was awarded a party bus for the duration of race day which came with free beer & pizza and a mini-dance floor on the bus! As mentioned by the race director, Alain Ferry, CRC had been riding a great string of victories for fastest Bustonian Team (fastest 10 runners) coming into the race. This year, however, Tracksmith improved their depth snapping up the Bustonian award. We’ll get it back next year CRC!

Across the board CRC raced well and I know a few individuals set new 5M PR’s, so congratulations. I’d also like to give a shout-out to the 15 or so individuals who closed out the event. You know who you are. Alain might have packed up all the tables and sent the party buses home but as the late Citigroup CEO once said, “When the music stops […] things will be complicated. But as long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance. We’re still dancing.”

With Super Sunday behind us, up comes a busy March for our USATF series. Two races are currently open for registration that offer great training opportunities for Boston and PR possibilities:
New Bedford Half Marathon – Registration Link / Kyle Coffee Race Champion / 19 runners and counting!
Frank Nealon 15K – Registration Link / Matt Colturi Race Champion / $35 for USATF runners!

Full results are located here: https://my3.raceresult.com/117178/.

Event ▲▼ Runner ▲▼ Time ▲▼ Place ▲▼ Division ▲▼ Division Place ▲▼
5M Antoine Beatrix 45:23.4
5M Annalee Harris 34:28.2
5k Alison Leonard 27:21.8
5M Austin Mancenido 31:32.0
5M Alex McQuown 31:07.3
5M Alexandra Solimano 39:46.6
5M Brian Boudreau 30:57.7
5M Bryan Cosca 38:57.4
5M Charles-Henri Hydrio 33:15.5
5M Caitlin Pohl 34:06.3
5M Cristian Popa 30:18.7
5M 33:40.9
5M Christopher Sokolowski 29:49.5
5M Dominic Harkness 36:22.4
5k David McGill 41:48.4
5M David Sandham 33:31.3
5k Ed Beagan 26:27.2
5M Eliza Kano-Bower 33:37.6
5M Ely Porter 31:01.0
5M Geoff Philbrick 43:50.5
5M Hans Gould 39:25.8
5M Hannah Weinstock 37:45.6
5M Ian Rea 31:15.5
5M John Hadcock 33:36.1
5M Jordan Lewandowski 30:11.1
5k Jose Naveo 23:21.0
5M Jon Puz 35:09.5
5M Johnny Sadoff 32:31.3
5M Jason Stewart 33:27.9
5M Jason Varney 28:31.2
5M Karyn Benson 33:50.1
5M Kyle Coffee 26:55.1
5M Kristen Glennie 33:52.1
5M Kimberly Hassett 34:00.1
5M Kelsey Porter 37:59.5
5k Katie Turck 24:47.2
5M Lynton Karfor 35:31.1
5M Lisa Rising 37:33.4
5M Laura Santoski 32:14.8
5M Lauren Watkins 39:23.5
5M Masaya Ando 31:25.1
5M Matthew Baron 25:34.9
5M Matt Colturi 30:48.2
5M Matt Pennock 26:50.9
5M Mark Tebbe 31:45.6
5M Matt Turnbull 28:16.7
5M Meghan Weaver 32:41.8
5M Nancy Varney 37:27.8
5k Nat Voss 22:27.5
5M Peter Barzdines 50:53.2
5M Ray Gonzalez 35:32.9
5M Sarah Martin 42:48.3
5M Sean Buchsbaum 35:18.1
5M Sean Cooke 30:30.7
5k Sarah Gabriel 25:01.9
5M Sriram Krishnan 43:52.5
5M Shoko Okabe 36:31.5
5M Sarah Soltau 40:26.2
5M Samantha Swift 40:32.4
5M Theron Carmichael 28:46.0
5M Thomas Salvon 36:22.8
5M Tyler Silverman 32:07.9
5M Wesley Mather 27:21.7
5M Will Odam 37:01.9
5M Zach Frye 28:10.4