2019 RaceMenu Summer Series 5K Race Report

2019 RaceMenu Summer Series 5K


Herter Park, Boston, MA

Weather: Temps in the low-80s and gusty

Once again, CRC trekked across the road from McCurdy Track to test themselves at the annual RaceMenu Summer Series 5k held at Herter Park.  35 CRC’ers came to represent on a warm and windy evening and dominated the field across the board.
Our women took 3 of the top 5 spots in the women’s 5k event placing 1st, 3rd, and 5th (Eliza Kano-Bower, Kimberly Hassett, and Karyn Benson).  In the open race, our men took 11 of the top 16 spots with 5 inside the top 10 and Kristen Glennie placed 3rd overall for women in the open.
Afterwards, we all convened at Miller’s Ale House for food, drink, and a boat load of trophies and swag.  CRC also dominated the Team category, besting the next closest team by a cumulative time of 23 minutes. The comment of the night was Alain saying that if CRC had been 5 different teams, we would have taken the top 5 spots in the team competition!
If  you aren’t familiar with the Race Cancer foundation and Alain’s story, check out this blurb   It really is a great cause and we support him/them during several races throughout the year.  If you’re looking for more 5k action, the next race is tonight!  Tough to beat $35 for a 5k right in your back yard that comes with 2 free beers, a solid chance at winning some goodies afterwards, and a fun night with your fellow CRC buddies.

Full results are located here: https://my7.raceresult.com/131424/#1_2F78C6.

Event ▲▼ Runner ▲▼ Time ▲▼ Place ▲▼ Division ▲▼ Division Place ▲▼
Women's 5k Eliza Kano-Bower 18:45 1st Overall
Women's 5k Kimberly Hassett 20:10 3rd Overall
Women's 5k Karyn Benson 20:55 2nd Age Group
Women's 5k Annalee Harris 21:14 3rd Age Group
Women's 5k Joann Lee 21:43 3rd Age Group
Women's 5k Eleanor Torrey 22:25
Women's 5k Tara Dorsey 23:16
Women's 5k Nancy Varney 23:39
Open 5k Matt Pennock 16:28 3rd Overall
Open 5k Kyle Coffee 16:50 2nd Age Group
Open 5k Wesley Mather 17:04 3rd Age Group
Open 5k Jason Varney 17:32 2nd Age Group
Open 5k Brian Boudreau 18:09
Open 5k Andrew Miller 18:16
Open 5k Ely Porter 18:43
Open 5k Matt Turnbull 18:53 1st Age Group
Open 5k Mark Tebbe 19:19 1st Age Group
Open 5k Charles-Henri Hydrio 19:23
Open 5k Seth Bryant 19:25
Open 5k Dominic Harkness 19:46
Open 5k Tyler Silverman 20:04
Open 5k Kristen Glennie 20:06 3rd Overall
Open 5k David Sandham 20:11 2nd Age Group
Open 5k Nathan Bryant 20:12
Open 5k Thomas Salvon 20:33
Open 5k Jon Puz 21:06
Open 5k Jason Stewart 21:50
Open 5k Hiroshi Saito 22:49
Open 5k Lauren Krouskoff 22:55 3rd Age Group
Open 5k Chloe Andersen 23:27
Open 5k Stephanie Habura 23:29
Open 5k Sarah Gabriel 23:30 2nd Age Group
Open 5k Alexandra Solimano 24:36 3rd Age Group
Open 5k Catherine Santrock 25:34