2019 New Bedford Race Report

New Bedford


New Bedford, MA

Weather: 41F and Sunny

Tradition continued as CRC took to the streets of New Bedford on St. Patrick’s Day to race one of New England’s most competitive running events. Dozens of CRCers battled hills and really windy conditions (as opposed to the usual really, really windy conditions, or 2017’s really, really, REALLY windy conditions) to earn PRs, first-time half marathon finishes, and overall solid performances.

Kim Hassett led the way for the women’s team and ran a 2-minute PR. New Bedford was Masaya Ando‘s first ever half marathon but he still crushed it with a 1:25:37. With the help of Sean Buchsbaum, Hannah Weinstock ran a 10-minute PR. And Matt Turnbull, who himself had an outstanding race, wanted to credit Sean Cooke‘s finish. Matt noted that Sean was really strong on the hill during mile 13 and had an “impressive toughness over a challenging last mile.” Finally, and perhaps most notably, Nancy Varney made a quick stop at mile 10.25 to partake in Jell-O shots. When pressed if others possibly joined in, Nancy replied, “Unknown. I did not conduct an extensive survey.” The world may never know.

CRC took advantage of the big stage and scored women’s open, men’s open, and men’s masters (40+ division) USATF teams. Our men’s open team finished in 12th out of 23 scoring teams (and 28 teams overall; teams needed 5 USATF runners to score). The combined time (6:26:50) was an improvement–a team “PR” if you will–over last year (6:28:10). But it was our women’s open team that was especially superb: 4th place out of 14 scoring teams (7:37:09). The high finish came after USATF increased the minimum number of women required to score from three to five. And finally, our men’s master’s team (40+ division) finished in 12th out of 17 scoring teams (8:01:36). Thank you to the 32 USATF runners who came out–this is an important club-wide initiative to increase our visibility in the area by regularly fielding competitive and complete teams. ALSO, we have the chance to win money for the club (especially our women’s open team!!) if we finish in the top 8 at the end of the year. (Initial team results are on the attached photos, a detailed breakdown is on the PDF on USATF-NE’s page, and reminder of the 2019 USATF race schedule here.)

One of the cool things about New Bedford–and this year’s race especially–is how many CRCers came out in support. Coach Scott Cody got to see his coaching pay off as he cheered on runners at two different spots on the course. Matt Colturi, Shoko Okabe, Adam Meltzer, Lindsey Acampa, Matt Baron, Sarah Gabriel (who also paced Alex Solimano for several miles), and Steph Habura all cheered on the runners as well. Thanks so much!

Lastly, CRC enjoyed reconnecting with several alumni in “The Whaling City.” Stacey Sarber was instrumental in designing the snazzy singlets we raced in. And Chris Kovalchick made the trek out from the Badlands (not sure if this is the most accurate topographical depiction of the region, but hey) of Indiana to run what he calls “the greatest race on the face of this planet.” Chris took the lead several years ago to get the club involved with USATF and now we’re competing hard and getting impressive results against local New England running clubs. Thank you Stacey and Chris for catching up and joining us post-race at Slainte!

Great job to everybody!

Full results are located here: http://www.iresultslive.com/?op=overall&eid=3335.

Event ▲▼ Runner ▲▼ Time ▲▼ Place ▲▼ Division ▲▼ Division Place ▲▼
Kyle Coffee 1:12:43
Matt Pennock 1:13:49
Wesley Mather 1:18:21
Jason Varney 1:19:16
Sean Cooke 1:22:41
Matt Turnbull 1:22:41
Masaya Ando 1:25:37
Ely Porter 1:26:33
Kimberly Hassett 1:30:32
Laura Santoski 1:31:11
Kun Song 1:31:18
David Sandham 1:31:58
Meghan Weaver 1:32:07
Kristen Glennie 1:32:30
Michael Hanley 1:34:46
Ray Gonzalez 1:35:14
Caitlin Pohl 1:37:56
Annalee Harris 1:40:29
Art Krieg 1:40:47
Lisa Rising 1:41:36
Dominic Harkness 1:43:40
Nancy Varney 1:45:34
Nat Voss 1:45:50
Sean Buchsbaum 1:47:07
Hannah Weinstock 1:47:08
Will Odam 1:50:58
Kelsey Porter 1:52:19
Jose Naveo 1:54:45
Hans Gould 1:59:50
Samantha Swift 2:02:24
Alexandra Solimano 2:03:48
Sarah Soltau 2:08:38
Sriram Krishnan 2:09:00
Sarah Martin 2:11:02
Fabio Schiantarelli 2:06:39