2019 Mt. Washington Race Report

2019 Mount Washington Race Report


Gorham, NH

Weather: Base: High of 76 ; Summit: high 52, low of 35 at summit Average wind speed at summit: 42.5 mph (!!!)

The CRC crew took the 59th Mt. Washington Road Race in Gorham, New Hampshire by storm last Saturday. The race, which has an average grade of 12.5%, a max vertical grade of 22%, and an elevation gain of 4,650 feet has the distinction of such tag lines as, “Because it’s there, and you’re a runner” and “Only one hill.” It was in the mid seventies at the base of the mountain, where 24 CRC’ers began to climb. By the time they reached the Mt. Washington summit 7.6 miles later, winds were roaring (in classic White Mountains fashion) at over 40 mph. While the mountain had experienced ice storms earlier that weekend, we luckily had plenty of sunshine for much of the race, and for the post-race festivities.

A gigantic thank you to our 16 volunteers, who handed out water (and electrolyte drink) at the summit, and served as drug test escorts for the top 2 male and 2 female finishers. And a HUGE thank you to those who volunteered their cars to go up the mountain and the brave souls who drove our runners and volunteers up & down the auto road! You guys make this weekend possible and we couldn’t be more thankful. I also want to give a special shout out special to Adam and Zoe for coordinating our volunteer efforts–it’s no easy task, and we’re incredibly thankful for you for making our volunteer effort there such a success!

After the race, we enjoyed a full weekend of camping, including a traditional Thanksgiving dinner back at the base of the mountain for runners and volunteers, an afternoon of river swimming (it was cold!), grilling and potluck-dinnering, and an enthusiastic dance party at the campsite thanks to a solid playlist by Sam, along with some Sunday hiking in the Whites for a few!

You can check out some highlights of the race, including the CRC banner featured in the beginning and the mens’ and womens’ finish (women’s race was ruled a tie!), in this video.

There were some blistering times posted by CRC runners, all accessible via the full results here, but below are some notable highlights of those in the top 10 of their divisions:

  • Matt Turnbull was 5th in M4044 with 1:19:42
  • Alex McQuown was 7th in M2024 with 1:31:48
  • Matt Colturi was 10th in M2024 with 1:43:37
  • Kristen Glennie was 8th in F2024 with 1:50:42

For those who signed up using CRC as our team name, here are our team scoring results:

1:30:27 1:36:23 1:43:47 1:44:44 1:45:28 (1:45:41) (1:53:40) = 8:20:49
David Sandham, Tyler Silverman, Matthew Colturi, Bernat Olle, Thomas
Salvon, Ray Gonzalez, Jason Stewart

1:50:51 2:02:01 2:02:14 (2:20:13) (2:20:16) = 5:55:06
Kristen Glennie, Lisa Rising, Hannah Weinstock, Stephanie Habura,
Alexandra Solimano

You can check out race photos from the event here!

Thank you for everyone who participated by running, volunteering, camping, or spectating for another successful CRC MWRR weekend!

Full results are located here: http://www.iresultslive.com/?op=summary&eid=4233.

Event ▲▼ Runner ▲▼ Time ▲▼ Place ▲▼ Division ▲▼ Division Place ▲▼
Alex McQuown 1:31:48
Alexandra Solimano 2:19:51
Bernat Olle 1:44:05
Chloe Andersen 1:48:09
David Sandham 1:30:17
Emily Gumbrecht 2:18:28
Hannah Weinstock 2:01:57
Jason Stewart 1:53:30
John Thompson 1:35:53
Kristen Glennie 1:50:42
Kevin McNeil 2:12:50
Lisa Rising 2:01:37
Matt Colturi 1:43:37
Matt Turnbull 1:19:42
Peter Barzdines 2:48:20
Pat Bazinet 1:59:13
Ray Gonzalez 1:45:31
Sean Buchsbaum 1:57:56
Stephanie Habura 2:19:50
Thomas Salvon 1:45:16
Tyler Silverman 1:36:14