2019 Lone Gull Race Report

2019 Lone Gull 10K


Gloucester, MA

Weather: 75 and Sunny

The last day of summer was a perfect beach day for CRC! Seventeen CRCers made their way to Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester for the 10K edition of the USATF-NE Grand Prix.  Course records and personal records were shattered by some; ocean views and warm breezes were enjoyed by all.
The race showcased the depth of the men’s team, with the top five runners all averaging 6-minute/mile pace or better. Kyle Coffee, the first CRC finisher, had a 30 second PR and broke 34 minutes for the first time.  Kyle was closely followed by Leif Anderson, who had a post-30 PR. Triathlete Charles-Henri Hydrio resisted the urge to start the day off with an ocean swim, and turned out a PR.  While Dominic Harkness, a leading contender for most improved runner, bested his 10K time by over 11 minutes.
At the start line most of the women said they were just going treat the race as a tempo run.  But the lady CRCer’s killed it! With her hamstring feeling better than expected, Laura Santoski lead the women to a 12th place finish.  Ariel Schwartz channeled her nervousness about the impending Boston Marathon cutoff announcement into a 10K PR (she made the cut!).
Congratulations to all who ran! And a big thank you to our fans, including one all the way from California.

Full results are located here: http://www.coolrunning.com/results/19/ma/Sep22_LoneGu_set1.shtml.

Event ▲▼ Runner ▲▼ Time ▲▼ Place ▲▼ Division ▲▼ Division Place ▲▼
Ariel Schwartz 45:10 329 F2029 34
Brian Boudreau 37:09 138 M3039 43
Charles-Henri Hydrio 39:24 184 M3039 52
Dominic Harkness 41:50 245 M2029 73
Hans Gould 52:37 503 M4049 47
Jessica (Jessie) Shor 55:12 536 F2029 49
Karyn Benson 44:49 314 F3039 19
Kyle Coffee 33:51 51 M2029 31
Leif Anderson 33:59 55 M3039 21
Laura Santoski 42:27 258 F2029 24
Matt Turnbull 42:16 254 M4049 27
Patrick Jagielski 36:46 128 M2029 61
Stephanie Habura 48:21 410 F2029 39
Sarah Soltau 53:09 512 F3039 38
Thomas Salvon 46:53 366 M2029 79
Wesley Mather 36:32 123 M2029 59
Zach Chapasko 38:57 127 M2029 65