2018 AACR Philadelphia Marathon Race Report

AACR Philadelphia Marathon


Philadelphia, PA

Weather: Temps in the high-40s and overcast

What began as a small, dedicated group taking on the Philly Marathon grew to include over 40 CRC members when the weekend was said and done. CRC descended on Philly by train, plane, and automobile, with runners splitting between both the Half and Full Marathon, meaning we had a strong cheering squad for both races. The Baltimore Marathon almost unseated Philly, but the racing committee came to its senses in just enough time to designate Philly as the official destination location. In addition to the two races, CRC also met for a pre-race pasta dinner and a post-race celebration (thanks for the free apps Fados)!

Racing conditions at Philly were near perfect, resulting in numerous PR’s. In the half marathon Brian Boudreau and Kristen Glennie led the way with times of 1:20:22 and 1:28:04 respectively. In the full, Kyle Coffee and Liz Byron both posted some blistering times – 2:37:30 and 3:29:16 – with a shoutout to Matt Pennock for also breaking the 2:40 benchmark with a time of 2:39:04.

Full results are located here: http://live.xacte.com/templates/philadelphiamarathon.com/for-runners/.

Event ▲▼ Runner ▲▼ Time ▲▼ Place ▲▼ Division ▲▼ Division Place ▲▼
8k Nuria de Mas 41:57:00
Half Marathon Brian Boudreau 1:20:22
Half Marathon Matt Turnbull 1:21:43
Half Marathon Kristen Glennie 1:28:04
Half Marathon Erik Edgar 1:32:27
Half Marathon Karyn Benson 1:33:00
Half Marathon Eliza Kano-Bower 1:33:03
Half Marathon Jason Stewart 1:39:17
Half Marathon Annalee Harris 1:40:09
Half Marathon Zoe Reinus 1:49:32
Half Marathon Mary Beth Spang 1:49:44
Marathon Kyle Coffee 2:37:30
Marathon Matt Pennock 2:39:04
Marathon Wesley Mather 2:49:19
Marathon Brendan Peltier 2:56:38
Marathon Carlos Loya 3:05:48
Marathon Kun Song 3:07:30
Marathon Zac Tran 3:07:56
Marathon 3:14:14
Marathon Tyler Silverman 3:17:23
Marathon Seth Bryant 3:19:16
Marathon David Sandham 3:21:28
Marathon Austin Mancenido 3:24:18
Marathon Nathan Bryant 3:25:24
Marathon Ben Zavadoski 3:28:08
Marathon Liz Byron 3:29:16
Marathon Ray Gonzalez 3:30:02
Marathon Sean Buchsbaum 3:32:36
Marathon 3:33:03
Marathon Stephanie Habura 3:37:35
Marathon Thomas Salvon 3:39:02
Marathon Sarah Gabriel 3:40:34
Marathon Sarah Soltau 3:55:26
Marathon Chloe Andersen 3:56:24
Marathon Alexandra Solimano 3:57:28
Marathon Lauren Watkins 4:03:49
Marathon 4:04:10
Marathon Emily Gumbrecht 4:06:39
Marathon Hannah Weinstock 4:12:17
Marathon Hans Gould 4:30:38
Marathon Bryan Cosca 4:43:20