Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon Boston, MA April 16, 2001 What a day for CRC runners! 33 club members (and one soon to be member) made it successfully from Hopkinton to Boston we had lots of first-timers who experienced the thrill of crossing the finish line, veteran marathoners who registered new PR’s and negative splits, as well as

James Joyce 10km

James Joyce 10km Dedham, MA July 29, 2001 Several CRC members (including some energetic recovering marathoners!) headed to Dedham on Sunday April 29th to Ramble with James Joyce and a several thousand runners. Their reports follow….. From Jeff: I did a time of 50:03 (8:04 pace) in the James Joyce Ramble 10K. I got a

San Diego Marathon

San Diego Marathon San Diego, CA January 21, 2001 Mike Pahre qualifies for Boston (and finishes 56th out of 1935 overall / 7th in his division!!) in sunny California: “Want a break from the cold, snow, and dirty ice of a New England winter? Try running the San Diego Marathon in January. (It’s actually held

Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5 Miler

Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5 Miler Dorchester, MA July 20, 2000 Perfect was the weather, nearly perfect were the performances. Over 2000 runners set out on the Sugar Bowl PR course. For Club CRC nearly 20 members ran while 10 of them earned top 20 positions in their respective divisions. So it seems the July

Marathon Sports 5 Miler

Marathon Sports 5 Miler Wellesley, MA July 13, 2000 Christy Muldoon After the joy of driving to Wellesley from Somerville during rush hour, I arrived at the race course relaxed and ready to go. The plan was to go out conservatively and pick it up in the second half — the least painful way to

The Great Harvard July 4th Race

The Great Harvard July 4th 5-mile Race Harvard, MA July 4, 2000 July 2000 CRC July 5 Miler series The Harvard 5 Miler Harvard,MA The CRC had yet aother proud showing at the Harvard 5 Miler in Harvard Mass. This course offers a beautifully shaded romp through the hills. Bruce Davies account: With July 4th

City Run (Cambridge)

City Run 5m Cambridge, MA April 6, 1997 “Peter Gallimore, Bob Gillon, Derek and myself ran the Cambridge City Run. Results are on Cool Running. Also, I think there is a picture of Peter on one of the photo links from that page. I watched Peter and Bob from behind for almost the whole race,

Cohasset 10km

Cohasset 10km Cohasset, MA April 6, 1997 Peter, Bob and myself went to Cohasset in the afternoon to watch the 10k there – I decided to do my watching from the roadside, whereas Peter and Bob did it by running the course. Missy had a great run, cheered on by Bob, running her way into