Super Sunday Race Recap

Hi Team! Ten days ago, seventy CRC runners got moving FAST as we kicked off the 2014 racing season at Super Sunday.  The race included both a 5-mile and 5K course, and the club laid down who runs Cambridge in both races.  We won both the “Bustonian Award” and the overall team award, as well

Club Challenge Marathon Relay

CRC, Congratulations to all of the CRC runners who busted out blazing fast miles last weekend! The two CRC teams finished second and fifth overall out of a field of 13 teams. Though we missed out on first, our overall time for our 52 runners was over 2min faster than last year. CRC women accounted

Boston Marathon 2013

As we continue thinking and praying for those who were affected by the horrible events of last Monday’s Boston Marathon, we are also grateful to everyone who ran to assist those who were injured, and/or provided assistance to all the runners who were stopped before finishing the race. While the race itself rightfully became of

Super Sunday 5

First of all, I want to send a special thanks to Adam Jones and Cristian Popa for helping promote such a fun event!  We may not have won the party bus, but on Sunday February 3rd CRC kicked the year off with a great showing at the Super Sunday 5 with almost 40 participants and some truly inspirational

Assault on Mt. Hood XC Race

The 8th annual Assault on Mount Hood took place on a somewhat warm (for the season), but rainy Saturday.  Eleven CRC members were there to test their mettle against other competitors and the tough, roller coaster style, cross country course.  To everyone’s relief, the rains subsided just before the race began, leaving in its path

Tavern to Tavern 5k

Despite the heat we’ve all been training through this summer, mother nature took pity and gave us a relatively cool August morning to run a 5k from the Tavern in the Square Central to its counterpart, Tavern in the Square Porter.  The 500+ runners started to heat up a little while toeing the line on