Lone Gull 10K Race Report 2018

Lone Gull 10K Race Report 2018 CRC Race Series #12 September 30, 2018 Weather: Sunny and 60F Last weekend CRC traveled to Gloucester for the 10k competition of the USATF Grand Prix.  The picturesque course resembled a travel brochure for the New England coast.  While rolling hills had us thinking, “only 58 feet above sea level?” at

Triple Threat Race Report 2018

Triple Threat Race Report 2018 CRC Race Series #9 August 5, 2018 Weather: Foggy with temperatures in the mid 80s Last Sunday CRC hit the seaside roads of Rockport to do the Triple Threat: 1 mile followed by a 5k followed by a half marathon. It was hot and muggy with an ocean fog that rolled in early that

BSO Tanglewood Relay Race Report 2018

BSO Tanglewood Relay Run Race Report 2018 CRC Race Series #7 June 29 – 30, 2018 Weather: Sunny with highs around 85F and lows around 60F On June 29th, five CRCers joined forces with members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra community to complete an overnight journey to the orchestra’s summer home at Tanglewood. A fanfare of trumpets

26×1 Relay Race Report 2018

26×1 Mile Club Challenge Relay Race Report 2018 CRC Race Series #5 June 2, 2018 80°F, Sunny 26 CRC took to a hot and sunny Hormel Track Saturday morning to go up against the Boston area running clubs in the 26×1 Mile Relay. Like last year, there was some tough competition and we finished very solidly in

Frank Nealon 15K 2018

New Bedford Race Report 2018 CRC Race Series #3 March 31, 2018 Sunny and breezy, temperature in the low 50s Looking to start the holiday weekend off right, CRC ventured into the wilds of Upton, MA for the Frank Nealon 15K, a USATF-NE Grand Prix event that temporarily raised the town’s population by ~10%. CRC