We are an active, social running club located in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA). Our members are diverse in background and ability – from those who ran competitively in college to those who picked up the sport last year – but are unified in their love for the sport and their desire to reach personal running goals. To this end, the club provides two regularly scheduled runs per week: a coached track workout on Thursday evenings and a member-hosted long run on Saturday mornings. Track workouts are based on runners’ 5k paces, which usually range between 5:00 and 8:00 per mile. For long runs, members typically run between 8 and 20 miles at a pace between 6:00 and 9:00 per mile. (Please note that these paces serve as a general guideline and not a strict requirement).

The track workouts are at the track by the Harvard Stadium from April through November, and then move indoors to the track at MIT. CRC’s coach, Scott Cody, develops two workouts for each session: one for those training for half and full marathons, and another for those targeting shorter faster races.

The long runs are often hosted by club members at their houses, or depart from Lyndell’s in Central Square (formally Carberry’s). Although there are always long routes available for those training for a marathon or longer distance races (up to 20 miles), you can generally run any distance you want. The organizer typically provides water and gatorade along the course, a there is always a good brunch to follow. The social aspect is never lost.

That’s because the club is not just about training for your next race (though it’s a good club for that too). Many of our members have been running together for years, and we regularly organize other social events both after workouts and just for fun. Those range from our annual holiday party to hiking trips in the White Mountains.

Even our running trips have a big social component. We have traveled in large numbers to the Chicago Marathon, the Covered Bridges Half Marathon in Vermont, the Reach the Beach Relay in New Hampshire, and shorter races throughout New England. We are always looking for an excuse to combine a run with other adventures. Feel free to send us your ideas.

We also arrange periodic informational presentations concerning nutrition, injury prevention and treatment (stretching, yoga, massage, physical therapy, etc…), and other runner-issues from local service providers. These folks usually have long-standing relationships with club members and provide excellent service (and sometimes discounts) to folks who run with CRC. We also receive discounts at many area running stores. The club is a fantastic resource not just for finding fellow runners, but for information and tips, both formally and informally.

If any of this interests you, we encourage you to drop us a line by email. Learn more about how to join!