August 2019: Eliza Kano-Bower

Eliza won the women’s race at the Summer Series 5k on July 11! In addition to crushing the Summer Series, she also placed 2nd in her age group at her very first sprint triathlon in Falmouth.

Besides running, Eliza keeps fit through a combination of boxing, cross-country skiing, and rollerblading. Her success in running has resulted though steady improvement, certainly assisted by long runs and track.

We would not recommend following Eliza’s swimming routines, however, as that’s included losing both phone and wallet in Walden Pond.

Laura Santoski added, “Eliza generally does a sum total of one swim before her triathlons, making her success all the more impressive. And regarding the summer series, I’m not sure to what extent she’s motivated by being competitive and to what extent she’s motivated by the promise of winning a bottle of wine.”

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