May 2019: Matt Turnbull

Matt had a terrific race under more hot and humid than expected conditions at this year’s Boston Marathon. Passing the CRC tent at mile 20, he looked strong and confident, as he continued up Heartbreak Hill. He went on to anchor the CRC Men’s Masters team at the Boston Marathon finishing in an impressively fast 2:48:53!

According to Annalee Harris, “Matt ran an a PB of 2:48 in this year’s Boston Marathon. While training, he was reading Scott Fauble’s book, Inside a Marathon, and planning new workouts. He also frequently visited his favorite 10 mile hill loop through Watertown, Belmont, and Arlington. Matt started the race at the front of wave three and was surprised to enjoy a mostly open course for several miles. He ran consistently, despite inconsistent weather and sudden humidity. Boston’s downhills can slowly away work at a runner’s quads. Matt made sure to save a little on the down hills for a strong finish in the last few miles!”

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