2018 Schwarzenegger Award: Adam Meltzer

The Schwarzenegger Award goes to the CRC member who over the past year had impressive display of strength and versatility (e.g., completing a marathon and half marathons in the same weekend, running a marathon without training).

This year’s recipient is Adam Meltzer. Adam ran three marathons this year: Virginia Beach Shamrock Marathon on March 17th, the St. Louis Marathon three weeks later on April 7th (a PR in 3:09:53), and the Wausau Marathon in Wisconsin in August. This year, Adam also completed the Presidential Traverse, in the Hyannis triathlon, the 150 mile BSO Tanglewood Relay run (running ~25 miles in less than 24 hours), the 26×1 relay, and Super Sunday.

Good luck Adam in your quests to run a marathon in every state and run through every town in Massachusetts.

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