Groton Town Forest Trail Races Report 2018

Groton Town Forest Trail Races Report
2018 CRC Race Series #13
October 14, 2018
Weather: Low 50s, Partly cloudy

This last Sunday CRC ventured out to Groton MA for the second trail race of the year’s roster, amid some glorious fall foliage. Two distances were on offer on the local town trail system, covering moderate terrain with a selection of tree roots, together with some short ascents and descents to negotiate. Competitors ranged in age from 7-72.
Trail racing newbies Kelsey Porter and Nuria de Mas took on the 3.4 miler. Kelsey scored a first in age group, and Nuria declared herself very satisfied with her performance and the selection of post-race baked goods.
In the 9.5 miler, Matt Pennock stormed to first place overall by a comfortable margin and Matt Turnbull kept up with time’s winged chariot, claiming his inaugural masters first place age group. In his 8th running of the race, David Loutzenheiser clinched first place in his age group, with your correspondent following at a respectful distance. Age group winners were presented with a bottle of fine NH vintage wine, appropriately labeled ‘Champion’, which is apparently yet to be sampled.
3.4 mile results
Kelsey Porter 29:14.6
Nuria de Mas 34:36.6
9.5 mile results
Matt Pennock 1:02:00.3
Matt Turnbull 1:06:59.0
David Loutzenheiser 1:16:48.8
Dave Sandham 1:21:27.9

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