CVS Downtown 5K Race Report 2018

CVS Downtown 5k Race Report
2018 CRC Race Series #11
September 16, 2018
Weather: Sunny and 70

First off I wanted to thank everyone who came out for the Downtown 5k this year in Providence. We had 5 men and 6 women enough to score for CRC on both sides!!

Although September 16th gave us our last taste of summer racing for awhile the fast field of runners (with a separate start for the USATF ladies) and quick course with only one hill (thankfully not in the Mt Washington sense) at the end made for some fast times. Wes Mather and Brendan Peltier led the CRC men’s team and both PRed followed close behind by Kyle Coffee, Masaya Ando and Tom Salvon. Meghan Weaver and Cassie Short led the CRC women’s team with Shoko Akabe, Steph Habura and Nuria De Mas for our top 5.  Also, big shout-out to Alex Solimano, who ran the Downtown 5K a day after a 16-mile long run! It was a great showing overall by the CRC women’s team, as they outnumbered the CRC men. Congrats to all who ran!

Thanks again everyone, next up is Lone Gull and the fall marathons!


1    920  WESLEY MATHER           BOSTON  MA             M      58                16:26.3

2   1686  BRENDAN PELTIER         SALEM  MA              M      61                16:32.0

3    933  KYLE COFFEE             SOMERVILLE  MA         M      70                16:48.8

4   1696  MASAYA ANDO             BRIGHTON  MA           M     142                18:42.0

5   1788  THOMAS SALVON           SOMERVILLE  MA         M     246                22:04.0

CRC Women:

1    915  MEGHAN WEAVER           BRIGHTON  MA           F      39                20:08.6

2   1700  CASSANDRA SHORT         BRIGHTON  MA           F      42                20:31.8

3   1687  SHOKO OKABE             BRIGHTON  MA           F      60                22:17.6

4   1455  STEPHANIE HABURA        SOMERVILLE  MA         F      85                23:38.9

5     60  NURIA DE MAS            CONCORD  MA            F     137                25:42.0

6   1790 ALEXANDRA SOLIMANO         CAMBRIDGE MA            F     –               26:05.5


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