New Hampshire 10 Miler Race Report 2018

New Hampshire 10 Miler Race Report
2018 CRC Race Series #10
August 25, 2018
Weather: Temps in the high-70s and sunny

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky” – Michael Scott. Truer words were never spoken about CRC’s USATF Grand Prix prospects. Five women and seven men toed the line in NH meaning CRC just met the minimum racing requirements, but since showing up is half the battle we proudly lay claim to 16th and 10th respectively in the Grand Prix.
The NH 10miler course offered scenic views of the Massabesic Lake, but for the 12 Strong running more time was spent looking down as we covered upwards of 550 ft. elevation. And who could forget the 1/4 mile out-and-back at mile 5. Matt Pennock led the men’s team with a time of 57:04 while Meghan Weaver led the women with a time of 1:14:28. A special shout-out to Shoko Okabe who joined the women’s team with less than 24 hours to spare so that they could compete, truly a team player!
Wondering how to get in on the Grand Prix action? Glad you asked! We still have the Providence 5K and the Lone Gull 10K coming up, and we could really use some new additions to the CRC family. Don’t be like Toby (not dog Toby), who works for HR, which means he technically works for corporate, so he’s not really not part of the family. Also he’s divorced, so he’s really not part of his family either. – Join the CRC racing family!
Finally, the full race results can be found here. Hope to see you at the next Grand Prix race!

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