Triple Threat Race Report 2018

Triple Threat Race Report
2018 CRC Race Series #9
August 5, 2018
Weather: Foggy with temperatures in the mid 80s
Last Sunday CRC hit the seaside roads of Rockport to do the Triple Threat: 1 mile followed by a 5k followed by a half marathon. It was hot and muggy with an ocean fog that rolled in early that eventually broke during the half marathon to reveal the ocean views. As usual, CRC took home a lot of medals so let’s get into the medal results:
  • Wesley Mather
    • Triple Threat Overall Winner, 1:47:29
    • Mile 2nd in Age Group (20-29 men), 5:37
    • 5K 2nd in Age Group (20-29 men), 18:08
    • Half Marathon 3rd Overall, 1:23:44
  • Patrick Doran
    • Triple Threat 1st in Age Group (30-39 men), 2:01:30
    • Mile 2nd in Age Group (30-39 men), 5:56
    • 5K 2nd in Age Group (30-39 men), 19:35
  • Caitlin Pohl
    • Triple Threat 2nd in Age Group (20-29 women), 2:26:17
    • Mile 3rd Overall Winner (women): 6:39
    • 5K 2nd in Age Group (20-29 women), 2:30:04
  • Matt Pennock
    • Triple Threat 3rd Overall, 1:49:53
    • Mile 2nd Overall (men): 5:31
    • 5K Overall Winner, 17:02
  • Lynton Karfor
    • Triple Threat 1st in Age Group (40-49 men), 2:03:59
    • Mile 3rd in Age Group (40-49 men), 6:51
  • Brendan Peltier
    • Triple Threat 1st in Age Group (20-29 men), 1:50:18
    • Mile Overall Winner, 5:15
    • 5K 2nd Overall (men), 17:45
  • Geoff Philbrick
    • Triple Threat 3rd in Age Group (60-69 men), 3:05:52
    • Mile 3rd in Age Group (60-69 men), 9:21
CRC Medal Count:
Gold: 6
Silver: 8
Bronze: 6
Some notable comments about the race: according to several of our runners, the 5k and 1 mile were an extra 0.1miles long and we believe Brendan actually started out the day with an “easy” 4:58 mile to win the first race. Also, Geoff was a surprise to see at the Triple Threat and despite originally registering for just the half marathon, he was easily convinced to upgrade to the full Triple Threat.
We followed up the Triple Threat with relaxing at Stage Fort Park. Grillmaster Wes treated us to delicious burgers and everyone took a dunk in the cool waters of the Atlantic.
Another Triple Threat in the books with CRC dominating the field.
Congratulations to all the runners!

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