RaceMenu Summer Series 5K Race Report 2018

RaceMenu Summer Series 5K Race Report
2018 CRC Race Series #8
July 12, 2018
Weather: Temps in the mid-70s and sunny
In the long shadow of Harvard Stadium and across the way from the concrete coliseum’s adjacent McCurdy Track, 48 strong came out to represent the Cambridge Running Club and boldly assert that yes, the other side of the river is also our territory. Making up almost one quarter of the total field, CRC conquered the three facets of the evening, from the 7 p.m. women’s 5K, to the open 5K right after, to the post-party after that (and no one knows exactly what time the last one ended).
The New Bedfordian three-year stretch of bad race day weather (though on the opposite end of the temperature spectrum) finally ceased and gave way to a gorgeous night that was relatively cool and free from the oppressive humidity that descended on the city during the first week of July and made you (ok me) question whether it was worth it to ever run again.
We came to dominate. And dominate we did.
CRC placed second, third, and fourth in both the women’s (Kim Hassett, Eliza Kano-Bower, Cassie Short) and open (Matt Baron, Matt Pennock, Zach Frye) races and six in the top ten in each as well. Major props to Kim Hassett, Ariel Schwartz, and Lisa Rising for completing both races back-to-back. Additionally, welcome to Brian Boudreau, Mike Hanley, Justin Chen, Bryan Cosca, Marion Dierickx, Cassie Short, and Hannah Weinstock who all raced for CRC for the first time. Strong performances across the board–congrats to all!
Miller’s Ale House in Watertown graciously hosted post-party, where there was no shortage of CRC-accepted age group and overall awards, race sponsor munchies, and karaoke renditions of your favorite songs. Quite a throwback–might we now have to consider bringing back the legendary CRC Talent Show?
It was a fun evening and one of our biggest and most well-attended events of the year. Thanks so much to all those who came out; our participation means a lot to race director Alain Ferry (his foundation also organizes Super Sunday), and he puts in a lot of work for his foundation and its races. If you’re not familiar, I highly recommend you read the short blurb about RACE Cancer.
Full race results are below, and the CRC Race Series participation board is updated here. Onward!

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