BSO Tanglewood Relay Race Report 2018

BSO Tanglewood Relay Run Race Report
2018 CRC Race Series #7
June 29 – 30, 2018
Weather: Sunny with highs around 85F and lows around 60F
On June 29th, five CRCers joined forces with members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra community to complete an overnight journey to the orchestra’s summer home at Tanglewood.
A fanfare of trumpets sent four teams of runners off from Symphony Hall.  The teams persevered though the heat wave, completing the marathon course backwards before heading into the trails in Upton State Forest (David Loutzenheiser represented the CRC trails committee).  As the sun started to set, we rescued a runner that had wandered off-course (thanks, Ariel Schwartz) and grabbed Subway at what we were warned would be the last chance of food for a while.  Overnight, the course wandered past parts of Massachusetts we probably would have never ventured to on our own: Clara Barton’s house, the Quaboag Reservoir, and the “mean streets” of Belchertown.  Eventually, the sun rose revealing beautiful views of the Berkshires and hills to be conquered.  The residents of Middlefield served us a delicious breakfast, which according to Meghan Weaver, “would be a strong contender for best long run food.”   After 150 miles and very little sleep, we were excited to reach the gates of Tanglewood.
A huge thank you to BSO for allowing us to participate, especially organizers/founders James Cooke and Todd Seeber.
Other notable highlights include:
  • Adam Meltzer ran 25 miles for the winning team, The Jets.  They finished about a hour and a half faster than the slowest team, The Sharks.  In other news, West Side Story is playing at Tanglewood next weekend.
  • Ariel Schwartz passed her thesis proposal before running 5 legs for Team Krupke.
  • Overall, CRC ran about 25 legs or 125 miles.
Congratulations to all who participated!

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