5 College Realtors 10m (USATF New England Grand Prix)

The masses descended on Amherst, MA last Sunday for the opening race of the USATF New England Grand Prix series. The night before the race featured yet another offering of snow and wintry mix, leaving the course conditions up in the air up until the start. CRC brought a very strong showing of 24 runners to the event, a solid amount for team scoring in the Grand Prix team categories. We were able to field three teams – men’s open, women’s open, and men’s masters. The race was attended by many of our compatriot and competitor clubs, including Somerville, GBTC, BAA, Greater Lowell, Western Mass DP, Central Mass.Striders, and Whirlaway amongst others.

The start of the race was delayed 1 hour back to 12PM to allow the officials to work on the course and improve the conditions, particularly at the finish line which was a solid 4” of hard pack mere hours before the race. While the terrain certainly still had its’ challenges, it was vastly improved from any conditions Boston-area runners have seen for the better part of the winter. Despite the overnight snow, the weather at mid-day turned out to be one of the nicest days all winter – clear skies, 40F temperature, and a bright shining sun to confirm hope that spring may one day come. On a course that can best be described as ‘moderately hilly’, CRC had a fine showing in what was a good test of baseline fitness leading up to the Boston Marathon.

Team scoring for this race consisted of the top 3 times per team (women’s open) and the top 5 men’s time per team (men’s open, men’s masters). The women’s team, led by Julia Chabrier (69:32), Meg Munroe (70:18), and Beth Battin (71:33) scored in 6th place in the women’s open category, an incredibly fine result! The men’s masters team of Tracy Shriver (66:41), John Hadcock (72:13), David Sandham (67:43), Chris Jyllka (72:32), and David Loutzenheiser (69:38) came in 9th overall. The men’s open team just missed the top 10, coming in 11th with very strong times from Bernat Olle (57:27), Kevin Gravina (57:41), Jason Varney (61:54), Greg Saia (64:20) and Chris Parker (66:11). As motivation for the next race, the men’s open team missed 10th place by a mere 2:17 to none other than Somerville RR.

In the overall race, it was a kick finish to the line between the BAA’s Eric Ashe (50:34.4) and Ruben Sanca (50:34.8). On the women’s side, the GBTC women swept up 3 of the first 5 spots for the overall team victory. Overall it was a great start to the Grand Prix racing season, with more to come shortly at the New Bedford Half Marathon. For further recap and analysis of the overall race, check out Level Renner’s report here.

The comments I received from many of our brethren clubs in the area on how nice it is to see CRC out in force was particularly heartwarming. This race showed that not only is CRC a unified, tight-knit club, but one that can compete in races of such high caliber. We have the attention of the New England running community both for our running and camaraderie. Let’s keep it going throughout the year as we build off this early season success.


Chris Kovalchick

USATF NE Grand Prix Chair on behalf of the CRC Race Committee


CRC Results: (* = team scorer)

*Bernat Olle 57:27

*Kevin Gravina 57:41

*Jason Varney 61:54

*Greg Saia 64:20

*Chris Parker 66:11

Landis Huffman 66:29

*Tracy Shriver 66:41

*David Sandham 67:43

Guillaume Passard 68:43

*Julia Chabrier 69:32

*David Loutzenheiser 69:38

*Meg Munroe 70:18

*Beth Battin 71:33

*John Hadcock 72:13

Claire Wallace 72:24

*Chris Jylkka 72:32

Anna LeMahieu 72:56

Tina Tobin 73:18

Kathleen Durante 77:52

Sean Buchsbaum 78:06

Krishanu Sankar 79:00

Nancy Varney 82:46

Allison Kamm 82:51

Alex Solimano 88:02

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