Super Sunday 5M and 5K

Super Sunday 5 mile race report

February 1. Cambridge, MA.

Weather: sunny and a brisk 18 degrees

 Results: Super Sunday Results

CRC member results: CRC Results

Fabulous photos by Mo: Super Sunday Race Pics

CRC had its biggest race turnout ever when 80+ runners took to the frigid streets of Cambridge to defend its title as fastest team at the popular Super Sunday 5 mile  race directed by J. Alain Ferry. The Super Sunday 5 miler is a good gauge of early fitness for our spring training cycle but probably more important the big team award is really cool.It was a true team effort from the get go. CRC was outnumbered by November Project and Sanofi/Genzyme but not outgunned as CRC took to the streets in force. Three team prizes were up for the taking, largest team, fastest coed team and of course, the fastest top ten runner team that would win the infamous Bustonian. The competition was much stiffer than last year with three runners posting very impressive sub 25 minute five mile times! Our friends and neighbors, SRR fielded a strong team this year too. Despite the increased competition, CRC took home honors for the fastest coed team and for the 2nd year in a row, the Bustonian team award. We are waiting for word on the data of the Duck Boat Parade.  17 CRC runners posted times under 30 minutes! Post race festivities started with beer courtesy of Racemenu and continued at CBC (see pic below of our president giving her victory speech).


CRC took home individual awards too. Chris Battoo won the 5K. Kaitlin Anelauskas (even though Alain cannot pronounce her name) was first AG. Dave Swanson was top ten overall.

 Some awesome PRs: Kevin Gravina, 27:19, Cris Popa, 29:30, Ainsley: 31:10, Dave Sandham: 31:35

Rachel Kalinsky: that was the very first time I ran a race when my toes were frozen the first few miles.  Interesting experience to feel like you’re running on balls of your feet.

 Bernat Olle: made a valiant attempt to enter the hallowed confines of Genzyme to thaw out by impersonating an employee. Alas, it was to no avail and he was rebuffed at the door! Fortunately, Bernat did thaw out to run a 27:19!

 Here is Bernat’s story as only he can tell it:

Please allow me to introduce

what happened before the race

I’d been out in the cold for a long, long time

lost a many calories, patience and faith

and I was’round the Genzyme building

when I had my moment of doubt and pain


stuck around the entrance

when I saw it was a time for a change

made damn sure it looked like I was one of’em

washed my hands, and stepped in there


Pleased to meet you

I said, to the large security guard

hope you understand

that what’s puzzling me

is why we wait outside in vain


But he don’t know me

and had no courtesy

and had no sympathy, and no taste,

used all his well-learned authority

to kick me out and lay my soul to waste


woo-hoo-hoo, woo-hoo-hoo


Next up is the 5 Colleges 10 miler on February 22nd. It marks the return of CRC to NE Grand Prix racing. We have 21 runners attending and are fielding three teams, men’s and women’s open and men’s masters. See you along the Charles, at track and long runs.


Run hard and have fun!


John Hadcock for the CRC race committee

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