Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5 Miler

Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5 Miler

Dorchester, MA

July 20, 2000

Perfect was the weather, nearly perfect were the performances. Over 2000 runners set out on the Sugar Bowl PR course. For Club CRC nearly 20 members ran while 10 of them earned top 20 positions in their respective divisions. So it seems the July 5 miler series for ‘Race of the Month’ was very successful. (Despite our best efforts we may have omitted some members from the results please let us know and it will be corrected.).

Drew Hanchett with Drews view:

I highly recommend registering for races at which many CRC’ers are also running. The Sugar Bowl 5-miler was not only a great race as far as weather and course were concerned but it had an enjoyable and realxed feel about it also. Hangin out withFelix and Christy and a few others prior, Tod during, and seeing a whole bunch more after was pleasant.

Oh yeah…the race…fast but not furious. Tod and I went out together and soon fell into a nice groove of just around 5:55 pace. We made small talk and ignored other racers erratic surges. At the turn around our pace seemed to quicken just a bit. Steady as she goes up till around 3 miles when Tod decides his patience has run out…he says something to the effect of “now is as good a time as ever”…I say I’ll see you a bit later as I was not ready to go any faster.At about mile four we were shoulder-to-hip again turning them over a bit more often. Then the race began I moved infront but knew he was not dropping off then with about 400 meters to go he and his girrafe like strides past me and mumbled something like “lets see what kind of 400 speed you have”. Well I normally do not sprint that hard at the end of a race but Tod brought it out in me and I managed to sneak past him in the last 10-15 meters. We finished basically together…and it was fun!! Good job too all!

Name Time  Pace  Plc Plc in Group 
Drew Hanchett             28:58 5:48  32/5  
Tod Minotti               29:00 5:48  33/6  
Tom O'Brien               29:27 5:53  44/12  
Feliciano Protasi         29:43 5:57  55/10  
Eric Lanzendorf           30:44 6:09  84/19  
Will Riddell              31:22 6:16  111/16  
Keith Kennedy             31:44 6:21  126/7  
Sanjay Ram                32:18 6:28  147/20  
Christy Bonstelle Muldoon 32:46 6:33  170/6  
David Quilty              33:56 6:47  222/16  
Merritt Maduke            34:11 6:50  233/9  
Shelley McDonough         35:04 7:01  290/12  
Kyle Merolla              35:36 7:07  330/53  
Elizabeth Bolyn           36:50 7:22  421/22  
Frank Gribos              36:55 7:23  433/57  
Jan Smaga                 37:25 7:29  472/2  
Jen Minotti               37:32 7:30  480/27  
Jenny Cooper              38:01 7:36  527/24  
Martha Dannies            40:54 8:11  817/16  
Jeffrey Phillips          43:20 8:40  1052/56