Marathon Sports 5 Miler

Marathon Sports 5 Miler

Wellesley, MA

July 13, 2000

Christy Muldoon

After the joy of driving to Wellesley from Somerville during rush hour, I arrived at the race course relaxed and ready to go. The plan was to go out conservatively and pick it up in the second half — the least painful way to run the race. I realized that this was not going to happen at the first mile, which I crossed about 20 seconds ahead of my intended 6:50 start. However, I was able to gain this 20 second back in the second mile when I ran a bit slower than planned. At that point, I just decided to settle in for the ride, concentrating on maintaining a pace. Lucky me — I swear the last 3 miles of the course were a softly sloping downhill. I was able to maintain my place, being passed by one woman (actually, a friend of mine from DC) and a handful of men (one of whom spit on my as he passed me — I doubt it was intentional, but still). I wound up finishing at about 32:45, just 15 secs. off my PR. (editors note: good for a divisional fourth!)

David Loutzenhesier

I ran in the Wellesley race last night. my place was 44th, time of 30:44. One other person from CRC (I don’t know his name) came in right in front of me, 43rd place, approximate time was 30:41 (that would be Tom O’Brien)

Tom O'Brien         30:41 6:08 43rd8th 
David Loutzenhesier 30:44 6:25 44st6th 
Eric Lanzendorf     32:03 6:25 71st 
Christy Muldoon     32:44 6:33 91st4th