City Run (Cambridge)

City Run 5m

Cambridge, MA

April 6, 1997

“Peter Gallimore, Bob Gillon, Derek and myself ran the Cambridge City Run. Results are on Cool Running. Also, I think there is a picture of Peter on one of the photo links from that page. I watched Peter and Bob from behind for almost the whole race, after a first mile in which we all ran between 5:10 and 5:16, and was just able to reel Bob in in the last few hundred yards.

Runner          Race Time Overall Place Gender Place Division Place  Race Pace  
Peter Gallimore 27:36     12            12            6              5:31  
Bruce Davie     27:49     16            16            7              5:34  
Bob Gillon      27:51     17            17            1              5:34  
Derek Mess      29:16     31            28           31              5:51